Lucia: Lotus/Secrets

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The leader of Gray Raven. Brave and selfless, she is ever at the frontline of the war against the Corrupted. · Rank: B-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Lotus's Secret 1

Has many identical red scarves.

Lotus's Secret 2

Tried to make lunch for the commandant. Blew up the kitchen.

Lotus's Secret 3

When wielding dual blades, her body temperature goes up in a similar way to how humans have fevers.

Lotus's Secret 4

Her hair is made from composite fibers and cannot be cut by common blades.

Lotus's Secret 5

She has somewhat unique aesthetic tastes.

Lotus's Secret 6

When she is quiet outside of a mission, she is not thinking, just daydreaming.

Lotus's Secret 7

Strangely respectful of older Constructs, such as Bianca and Watanabe.

Lotus's Secret 8

Sees great potential in Liv.

Lotus's Secret 9

Does not understand what Nanami is thinking.

Lotus's Secret 10

Has trouble with Karenina's passionate approach.

Lotus's Secret 11

Would like to try iai, or or quick draw techniques, but the lack of a sheath prevents her from doings so.

Lotus's Secret 12

Wary about every little movement of the Commandant.

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Character List
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