Liv: Eclipse/Secrets

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A member of Gray Raven. As one of the newest support Constructs, she’s the anchor of the team. · Rank: B-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Eclipse's Secret 1

Does not like being taken care of.

Eclipse's Secret 2

Has heard of Lucia before joining Gray Raven, and holds her in high regard.

Eclipse's Secret 3

Knows that Lee is prone to getting lost when on his own.

Eclipse's Secret 4

Pins special targets found on radar with cute names.

Eclipse's Secret 5

The heavy outfit is in imitation of Lucia’s style.

Eclipse's Secret 6

Has spent two hours watching Lee lose his way on radar, finally heaving a sigh of relief when Lee found his way back on the right path.

Eclipse's Secret 7

Constantly successful at obtaining concessions when negotiating with other teams.

Eclipse's Secret 8

Her maintenance pod is to the left of Lucia’s.

Eclipse's Secret 9

Thought her Inver-Device were too noticeable, but changed her mind after Lucia praised its defensive uses.

Eclipse's Secret 10

Her levitators would sometimes plummet from losing speed. Liv would quietly pick them up by herself.

Eclipse's Secret 11

Asks Lee and Lucia for advice on other weapon usages occasionally. Has once suggested a combat style with combination moves of gun and sword.

Eclipse's Secret 12

Monitors the commandant's three meals and cares about the nutritional balance a lot.

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Character List
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