Nanami: Storm/Secrets

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Fun-loving yet mysterious and elusive, her hobby is observing humans, with a practical joke or two mixed in. · Rank: B-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Storm's Secret 1

The special materials used to build her makes her heavier than other Constructs despite her small size.

Storm's Secret 2

Has the smoothest hair among Constructs.

Storm's Secret 3

Frequently claims to have encountered strange things.

Storm's Secret 4

Has scanned Watanabe's bar code. Has not told anyone about the result.

Storm's Secret 5

Has traveled around the world.

Storm's Secret 6

Knows more about Constructs than even Lee.

Storm's Secret 7

Hates nothing more than boredom.

Storm's Secret 8

Why chainsaw? #1: It looks devastating.

Storm's Secret 9

Why chainsaw? #2: It sounds rad.

Storm's Secret 10

Why chainsaw? #3: Enemies seem to be in mortal pain when they get cut.

Storm's Secret 11

A strange transceiver is installed within her skirt. She sometimes acts like a spy with it.

Storm's Secret 12

Loves setting up dominoes or toy blocks, then toppling them.

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Character List
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