Lucia: Dawn/Secrets

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Lucia’s signature frame. As graceful as it is powerful, its mere appearance on the battlefield inspires its allies, earning the “Dawn” sobriquet. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (40%) Lightning (60%) 50%


Dawn's Secret 1

Has complained about her hairstyle.

Dawn's Secret 2

Her weapon can be hidden in her left arm.

Dawn's Secret 3

The floating weapons that appear in burst mode are 3D printed on the spot.

Dawn's Secret 4

Energy consumption is twice that of the Lotus model.

Dawn's Secret 5

Despite being an early model, its maintenance is the highest among the three.

Dawn's Secret 6

Sometimes has thoughts about changing up the style of the Inver-Device a little.

Dawn's Secret 7

Treats Liv as her own sister because of a familiar feeling that Liv gives her.

Dawn's Secret 8

Did extensive research on frogs to understand why she likes frog plushies, and ended up liking frog plushies even more.

Dawn's Secret 9

Has looked at her own reflection on her blade.

Dawn's Secret 10

Believes that everything the Commandant says is right and has a deeper meaning behind it.

Dawn's Secret 11

Can actually stay temporarily airborne through the levitational capabilities of her blades.

Dawn's Secret 12

Has once stormed through an entire war zone area while carrying the commandant.

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Character List
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