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Fun-loving yet mysterious and elusive, her hobby is observing humans, with a practical joke or two mixed in. · Rank: B-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%



Nanami, Tank-type.
Records pertaining to her have been lost, and little is known about her at this time other than that she is undoubtedly a Construct.
Despite her short frame, one should never estimate the power of the chainsaw that she wields.


Completely unpredictable in thought and action, Nanami has an unbound sense of curiosity. She can be an extremely valuable team member, or troublemaker in equal measure.
Her mercurial nature means that her actions are often determined by her current mood.


"Nanami's the king of the world, baby."
A true hacker-girl, all computer systems are naked before her. She can even communicate with mechanoids and the Corrupted.
She has once butted heads with Team Cerberus, one of Babylonia's Execution Squads. While the details of the incident are unknown, the report indicates that she more than held her own against an entire elite squad.


Filled with curiosity about anything to do with humans.
Obsessed with the commandant of Gray Raven.
Human commandants from other squads do not seem to pique her interest.


A digital diary exists of a girl named Nanami.
The Construct Nanami also seems to be carrying a digital diary.
Aside from this information, Nanami is a giant mystery sack. Where does Nanami come from? What is Nanami? Where is Nanami going? Nobody knows.


With strong likes and dislikes, and a tendency to act upon her feelings, Nanami's behavior is much more human-like than the other Constructs.
She is direct and eager in expressing her emotions, but it remains to be seen if she truly understands the emotions that she speaks of.

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