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A member of Gray Raven. As one of the newest support Constructs, she’s the anchor of the team. · Rank: B-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (100%) 50%



"Don't...don't look at me like this..."
Member of Gray Raven. Support type.
Skilled at tactical analysis and Construct repair, she operates in support of Gray Raven's operations.
Shy and introverted, combat is not her strong suit, but with Gray Raven being constantly short-handed, she has stepped up to the frontlines and is working to improve her skills.


"I'll work hard!"
Kind and gentle, Liv always works hard to help others and make them happy.
She feels fortunate to be around friends and comrades whom she respects greatly.


Liv's kind and pure nature also makes her susceptible to deception and pain. She has a stubbornly altruistic streak which can put her in harm's way.
Gray Raven and the commandant have helped keep her gentle nature unscathed.


"Don't go by yourself, Karenina!"
Having parted then reunited with the commandant, Liv has grown from a young and naive girl into a dependable team member.
She did not panic even when Karenina lost control of herself, and was able to give advice with a calm, steady head.


As a human, Liv was the daughter of a high-ranking medical conglomerate executive. Volunteering for service in the medical corps, she was made into a Construct after she was critically injured trying to save others.


Liv has trained long and hard under the Gray Raven commandant to overcome her weakness in battle.
Today, she is a reliable and trusted member of Gray Raven.

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