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A member of Gray Raven. As one of the newest support Constructs, she’s the anchor of the team. · Rank: B-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (100%) 50%



Generic Coatings

The default outfit given to Constructs when they were manufactured.

The outfit designed by awakened Constructs to their liking after gaining the permission to do so.

The outfit modified by Constructs after they reach the ultimate awakening phase. Perfectly resembles the characteristics of their M.I.N.D.

Alternate Coatings

Uniform - The customized uniform made for all the Constructs that have developed a bond with Gray Raven. Often worn as a formal dress during all important Event.

New Life - As the manager of the Center of Ecological Research, Liv is able to control the ecosystem within Babylonia.

Operation Zero - 7:00, good morning. 9:00, saying goodbye. 11:00, a morning tea alone. 13:00, ironing clothes. 15:00, cleaning the room. 17:00, preparing for dinner. 18:00, eagerly awaiting. 20:00, welcome back.

Christmas - An outfit made from mechanical parts and special fabrics that perfectly blends lovely Christmas elements and excellent defense.


Operation Zero - She leaps over neon reflections, vaults walls that divide, and zips across unknown rooftops. Chains, wires, grilles, and flickering crimson lights never slow her down. She weaves through the sealed-off zones, visiting her targets one by one. After tending to the wounds of a disarmed guard, she points to the display case and asks with utmost seriousness, "May I borrow that, please?"

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Character List
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