Nanami: Storm/Voice

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Fun-loving yet mysterious and elusive, her hobby is observing humans, with a practical joke or two mixed in. · Rank: B-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Melody Peng 赵爽
Zhao Shuang
Laam4 Fung1 Fung1 Mat6 Luk6 Cha4
Minami Tanaka
Construct joins
Witness Nanami's grand entrance! I'm the strongest!
Level up
My hidden potential is being revealed!
Hmmm... You think I need this?
If you say so, then maaaaybe I'll remove a few more of my power limiters.
Improve skill
Oooh, nice. Can't wait to go vroom vroom on this one.
Equip weapon
A new toy for Nanami! Anything's a weapon in Nanami-sama's hands!
Add to team
All enemies are friends of Nanami!
Set as leader
Ohoho? Nanami's the leader now?! In that case... FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT!!!
Mission complete 1
Mission has been completed! Go grab the reward!
Mission complete 2
Go on expeditions to make discoveries, complete missions to earn rewards!
General greeting 1
Good morning, Commandant! What do humans say...? The early bird catches the worm?
General greeting 2
Is it true humans go bald if they don't get enough sleep? You probably don't want that... Well, it might look pretty okay on you.
General greeting 3
You want to know my secrets? My affection gauge needs to be THIS high for you to know!
General greeting 4
Gray Raven is Nanami's first squad!
General greeting 5
Humans are sooo interesting! I'd like to study you more closely, if you don't mind--
General greeting 6
Playing hard-to-get makes someone more tempting... Like wanting to pick a thorny rose... Is that true, Commandant?
General greeting 7
Nanami's pretty one of a kind! Take a closer look and you'll see.
General greeting 8
Sure thing, and when everything is over I'll maybe even let you hug me.
General greeting 9
Studying humans may or may not just be an excuse. What I really want to study is you!
General greeting 10
Who knows, maybe one day Nanami will just disappear altogether... So, please try to remember me.
General greeting 11
The moon is beautiful, isn't it? Ohoho.
Affection up 1
Haha! I knew we'd get along!
Affection up 2
Yeah, what's that thing humans always say? Unity is strength?
Affection up 3
I've never been friends with a Commandant before!
Affection up 4
Haha, we're getting pretty close, aren't we?
Affection up 5
The more time I spend with you, the more I feel like I'm becoming a human...
Affection up 6
Haha, I like how close we are now!
Affection up 7
You're the first human I've ever felt this close to. Am I the first Construct you've ever felt this way too?
Affection up 8
Affection level max! Sadly there's no achievement for this...
Idle 1
Commandant--ARE YOU SLEEPING?!!
Idle 2
You still here, Commandant?
Idle 3
Hello! Hello! Is my little cutie pie still online?
Idle 4
No playing hide and seek. I get anxious when I can't see you!
Excessive online time 1
Woah, you've been online for a long time! You should maybe take a rest.
Excessive online time 2
You tired? Go snoozy doozy!
Excessive online time 3
Staying linked for so long can harm you. Go and get some rest!
Excessive online time 4
Staying linked for so long can cause brain damage... What am I going to do if you went bonkers?!
Connection made 1
Connection made 2
Hmmmm, is it time for work already?
Connection made 3
You're the only reason I get up this early!
Connection made 4
Even work is fun when you are around!
Extended offline time 1
Where have you been? Did Nanami do something wrong?
Extended offline time 2
You're back? Nanami has been waiting for you for a long time...
Extended offline time 3
I really though you weren't coming back... Don't leave me again, okay?
Extended offline time 4
Your absence taught me the meaning of loneliness and sorrow...
Shake 1
Hahahahaha! That's fun! Can we do it again?
Shake 2
Oh! This again?
Shake 3
Okay, this isn't fun anymore...
Shake 4
Quick tap 1
Quick tap 2
Don't blame me if you get your hand stuck in the machinery!
Quick tap 3
And dodge! And... AH!
Quick tap 4
You poke and poke! Just wait til Nanami gives you the shining finger!
Activity at max
Hey! Commandant! Activity is at max!
Battle over
AHH!!! That was close. Phooey. Nanami lived!
Teammate returns
You're back! You okay? Was it fun?
Battle 1
The heavens call me, the earth calls me, humanity calls me!
Battle 2
That's quite a crowd! Nanamideon, activate!
Battle 3
Let's count up your sins!
From the hate-scorched sky, with righteous anger in our hearts! Corrupted Bane!
AH--don't mess with Nanami's outfit!
C-Commandant... Tears... in... rain...
Knocked out
N-Nanami's becoming No-no-me...
Tadaaah~! Nanami arrives precisely when she means to!
Jetstream attack!
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