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"Commandant, I would like to confirm some details about the mission this time. Do you have the time now?" Leader of Strike Hawk, Tank-type. He is proficient in all weapons but prefers scythes. Temporarily visiting Gray Raven for a special co-op mission. Always tries to do his best in all tasks.


Has a special Inver-Device installed in his frame that allows him to take only the bare minimum orders from any Commandant. Always plans ahead for any mission and prepares multiple response plans to ensure his teammates can return safely.


As members of a scout squad that always acts individually, Chrome and other teammates use an exclusive stable, interference-free channel to exchange their locations, statuses, and other voice messages over long range.


Formerly known as "Langston", he wanted to become a Commandant when he was a human, but an accident shut the door on him. He then voluntarily applied to become a Construct and is now serving as the leader of Strike Hawk.


When Chrome first became a Construct, he was often seen as an incapable pretty boy who only got promoted through political influence.
However, he soon demonstrated outstanding capabilities that shut off all the accusations.


"A leader must always set high standards for himself both in battles and in a spiritual way."
Always places high standards on himself.
Prioritizes others around him in all situations and chooses to take on all the problems on his own.

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