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External support for Gray Raven, Sophia also functions as an envoy for the Akdilek Commercial Alliance. Born an orphan on the Eternal Engine, now the sharpest blade of its leader Jamilah. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (20%) Fire (80%) 50%



"My name is Sophia. I come for the benefit of Akdilek Commercial Alliance."
A temporary member of Gray Raven. Support type. Skilled at firearms CQC and emergency repairs.
To bring the Eternal Engine to its true terminal station, she has temporarily joined Gray Raven as an Akdilek Commercial Alliance envoy to learn everything she can.
Her loyalty to her master impresses anyone she meets.


"System all green, ready to engage."
By adopting a full-coverage design, this frame provides exceptional mobility, helping Sophia speed through tiny spaces that others might find it hard to squeeze in. The robotic arms are linked to her M.I.N.D. with a sync rate reaching 99.78%, meaning that Sophia can control these arms without delay.


Sophia's consciousness came from an orphan abandoned in the refuse collection carriage of Asslam. Without a name and parents, this little girl, known as Hyena, managed to survive and became one of the train technicians of Akdilek.


"Thanks... I will treasure it as much as I treasure my tools..."
During one repair mission, the repair team got caught up in an accident. They decided to bring the youngest girl back to the train even if it would cost them their lives. Having accidentally fallen into the hands of the aristocrats, Sophia was modified into a Construct and became their tool."


"You're nice to me... Just like Jamilah."
At the night of the aristocrats' usurpatory scheme, Sophia came to the carriage of the leader of Akdilek. What happened that night remains unknown, but ever since then, a petite guard can be seen near Jamilah's side.


After Protecting Asslam with Gray Raven, Jamilah has forged an official alliance with Babylonia. As an envoy of Akdilek Commercial Alliance, Sophia has left for Babylonia to provide assistance and expand her knowledge. She regularly brings Helium-3 collected by Babylonia to Asslam as train fuel.

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