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An illegally modified frame born during the time when the Construct tech was not mature. It can cause charge separation to produce lightning as a means of attack. Specializes in long-distance sniping. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (20%) Lightning (80%) 50%



An experimental frame illegally created by Daedalus. Even though the modification technology applied to it is immature, its performance remains top-class.


The frame has an enhanced visual module that enables Bianca to catch fast-moving targets even while sniping from afar. In close-range combat, she can use the module to swiftly pinpoint enemy weaknesses.


The frame can create ion beams through electric potential difference generated by its internal energy bank, thereby controlling the positive and negative charge movements to create lightning for attacking enemies. When all frame restrictions are removed, it can even change the weather in a certain area to cause thunder strikes.


The Science Council has upgraded and repaired the frame, but due to Daedalus' immature Construct technology, extended usage of this frame can still cause deviations for Bianca's consciousness model over time.


Bianca kept this frame in good shape to remind herself to never forget the past.


In truth, Bianca quite enjoyed the time she spent with others while using this frame, such as a certain trade offer and a certain gathering.

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