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An Archaeological Team member from the World Government Association of Art in Babylonia. The “new blood” of Babylonia. Loves art with a passion. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%



An Archaeological Team member, Tank-type Construct.
She wields a great scythe as her weapon. Because her frame is relatively vulnerable, she defends herself through her scythe's high-performance transformation modules. Her attacks are valiant and dashing, amazing anyone to lay eyes on them.


Combat is not her main duty. The equipment and systems installed in her frame are not purely for combat, but also for virus protection, surveying, and analysis during an archaeological expedition.
As an all-rounded Construct, she can quickly adapt to a variety of unknown environments.


Her skirt is not merely a skirt, but also a piece of equipment for combat purposes.
As the scythe is a heavy weapon, a great sense of balance is required for the user to stay on their feet. The skirt is a balancing system and functions as counterweights.


"This world needs more colors!"
Always confident, infectiously optimistic, and unbelievable empathic, Ayla is welcomed like a superstar everywhere.
Wherever she goes, her voluminous charm catches people's eyes.


She is part of the "new blood" living in Babylonia since birth. Affected by her best friend Selena, she willingly became a Construct.
Brave-tinted Ayla is a true seeker, a seeker of worldly tones and hues within this cosmos, and she would even cast her entire life for them.


Ayla might seem outgoing and open, but her heart is a door shut tight. Few truly understand her, and fewer are her true friends.
But for her true friends, Ayla will give even her life without thinking.
Ayla has never, and will never think of abandoning Selena.

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