Bianca: Veritas/Voice

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An illegally modified frame born during the time when the Construct tech was not mature. It can cause charge separation to produce lightning as a means of attack. Specializes in long-distance sniping. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (20%) Lightning (80%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Skyler Davenport 云鹤追
Yun He Zhui
San4 Ming4 Ling4
Ayako Kawasumi
Construct joins
I am Bianca, leader of the Purifying Force... We are temporarily coordinating with the Gray Raven squad.
Level up
I can become even... stronger?
Might is needed to fulfill your wishes.
They don't have this in the Purifying Force.
Improve skill
Practice makes perfect. The same goes for all skills.
Equip weapon
New weaponry? Thank you kindly, Commandant.
Add to team
Bianca at your service.
Set as leader
I think I can handle leading the team.
Mission complete 1
Mission completed. Remember to claim your reward at HQ.
Mission complete 2
For flawlessly completing missions, Babylonia has dispatched rewards. Don't forget to claim them.
General greeting 1
It's time for work, Commandant.
General greeting 2
During this time period, I recommend resting and replenishing energy and calories.
General greeting 3
Humans require sufficient sleep. You should go and get some rest. I'll watch HQ for you, don't worry.
Affection up 1
I hope we can fight together, at the very least.
Affection up 2
Hmm, I'm not opposed to this.
Affection up 3
I've never been so close to a Commandant before.
Affection up 4
I guess we do get along quite well.
Affection up 5
I feel quite comfortable when we're together.
Affection up 6
I know we're getting on well, but we can't let it interfere with our work.
Affection up 7
Belief is inseparable from the believer.
Affection up 8
I revel in the thought that you find me important.
Idle 1
You should rest if you're tired, but please don't slack off during work.
Idle 2
Are you stil here, Commandant?
Idle 3
I'm here right now. Could I perhaps have your full attention?
Extended online time 1
It'll be too late if you collapse from exhaustion! Go and get some rest!
Extended online time 2
Are you even listening to me?
Connection made 1
Pleased to meet you, Commandant.
Connection made 2
Preparations are complete. You can begin working whenever you like.
Connection made 3
You got here right on time today. Commendable.
Connection made 4
For some reason, I tense up when I see you.
Extended offline time 1
You haven't been to HQ in quite a while. Has something happened?
Extended offline time 2
You've been gone a long time... I really missed you.
Extended offline time 3
So... you're back.
Shake 1
Careful, Commandant, Constructs contain sensitive equipment.
Shake 2
That's enough, Commandant.
Shake 3
You really enjoy doing this, don't you?
Shake 4
Ah, do whatever you like.
Quick tap 1
Ugh... Does your finger require medical attention?
Quick tap 2
It's not funny, Commandant.
Quick tap 3
(Sigh) ... Help yourself.
Quick tap 4
Never mind. I just need to get used to it.
Activity at max
Well done, Commandant. Your activity has reached its max value.
Teammate returns
Let me tidy up the battlefield. You should get ready for the next battle, Commandant.
Battle 1
Battle 2
Battle 3
God will not forgive you...
May God purify your sinful soul!
God bless...
Commandant, now might be a good time to pull back.
Knocked out
Back to the... start...
Let's coordinate our attacks.
Battle over
Well, that was well fought.
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