Sophia: Silverfang/Voice

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External support for Gray Raven, Sophia also functions as an envoy for the Akdilek Commercial Alliance. Born an orphan on the Eternal Engine, now the sharpest blade of its leader Jamilah. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (20%) Fire (80%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Christina Costello 蔡娜
Cai Na
Siu1 Siu1
Koshimizu Ami
Construct joins
My name is Sophia. I come for the benefit of Akdilek Commercial Alliance.
Level up
Frame upgrade completed.
Checking finished. No malfunctions detected.
Upgraded to this extent... I should report it to Jamilah.
Improve skill
Practice, until you become stronger.
Equip weapon
Attack module replacement completed.
Add to team
Thank you for choosing Akdilek Commercial Alliance's mercenary service.
Set as leader
Now, please keep up with my speed.
Mission complete 1
I kind of forget the feeling of living on a train recently.
Mission complete 2
This place... is much bigger than a train carriage.
General greeting 1
It's understandable that you keep a distance from me, as I haven't fully earned your trust.
General greeting 2
I'll protect Commandant from any harm, as always.
General greeting 3
You've left too long...
Affection up 1
This is...?
Affection up 2
I'm used to being lonely.
Affection up 3
As an envoy, I believe it is necessary to deepen our relationship.
Affection up 4
What is the meaning of... this behavior...
Affection up 5
It seems... to have gone beyond business etiquette.
Affection up 6
Not merely... a relationship based on benefits?
Affection up 7
It feels... good.
Affection up 8
How do you express gratitude in Babylonia...?
Affection up 9
I'd like to know more about Commandant.
Affection up 10
You're kind to me... like Jamilah.
Affection up 11
Will our bond go any further?
Affection up 12
Thanks... I will cherish it the way I cherish my tool bag...
Idle 1
It feels comfortable... being with you.
Idle 2
I've been waiting for you. Anything you need to tell me?
Idle 3
Let's keep this vibe alive.
Extended connection 1
As a companion of yours, I have to remind you adequate rest is very important.
Extended connection 2
You've worked overtime... Please go take a break.
Extended connection 3
Judging by your working hours, I supposed it's a hard time on your end too.
Extended connection 4
Your muscles are stiff. I can give you a massage with my robotic arms if you need.
Connection made 1
There you are.
Connection made 2
We meet again, Commandant of Gray Raven.
Connection made 3
Time to carry out today's inspection.
Connection made 4
You're looking good. I suppose you reach a high level of work efficiency today, Commandant.
Extended offline time 1
I didn't expect you would come back...
Extended offline time 2
You've disappeared for a long time. I thought you'd resigned already.
Extended offline time 3
... I would've gone back to Jamilah if you hadn't returned.
Shake 1
It's shaking...
Shake 2
What... happened outside?
Shake 3
It's more intensified than a train's emergency brake...
Shake 4
So this is the feeling of motion sickness...
Quick tap 1
What... are you doing?
Quick tap 2
Are you finished?
Quick tap 3
You act like a child.
Quick tap 4
Even I will feel angry.
Activity at max
I made a table that records the time you show up every day. It makes me feel more secure.
Mission accomplished
Teammate returns
Sophia, at your command.
Battle 1
Battle 2
Battle 3
I will smash all obstacles in our way into pieces!
Clear obstacles.
I will... endure...
Knocked out
Sorry, Jamilah...
Sophia, at your command.
Battle over
Mission complete. How would you rate my performance on the mission report, Commandant?
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