Chrome: Arclight/Voice

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The leader of the Strike Hawk. Capable of relaying important intel through a secure and stable channel. He values the flawless competition of missions, and also the safety of all his teammates. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (30%) Lightning (70%) 50%


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Brett Calo 大白
Da Bai
ken 平川大輔
Daisuke Hirakawa
Construct joins
Greetings, commandant of Gray Raven. I am the leader of Strike Hawk, Chrome. Have you seen Kamui anywhere perhaps?
Level up
Self-improvement is a prime goal of mine.
Thank you for your teachings.
I have been striving to be a good example for others.
Improve skill
I see... So this is how the Gray Ravens train.
Equip weapon
The tool is only as powerful as the wielder.
Add to team
You got it. Strike Hawk leader Chrome, joining in.
Set as leader
Leave this to me. I'll do my best.
Mission complete 1
Commandant! Please confirm the results!
General greeting 1
Strike Hawks usually work alone, and we relay info through a special channel.
General greeting 2
Do not stray from the determined schedule or plan. I do not wish to recieve complaints from other squads... Ah, Commandant, sorry. I was in a call with a squad member of mine.
General greeting 3
Commandant, do you have a moment? I'd like to confirm some details about the mission.
General greeting 4
Strike Hawk Permanent Frontier 101 (Gray Raven Branch) This must be... the work of Kamui. I am terribly sorry for the trouble caused, Commandant.
General greeting 5
What is it, Commandant? Why are you looking at me like this...? Do I have something on my hair?
General greeting 6
Why do I value rules and regulations? I do so for a smooth and efficient work process that can be controlled.
General greeting 7
About Kamui's temporary arrangements... No, I don't oppose them. I only wish to be of help to you, Commandant.
General greeting 8
Whether from the body or the mind, I keep myself in strict discipline to set an example for the team... but most importantly, I try to keep myself safe. Do you know what I mean?
General greeting 9
I have made a special channel for us. You can now contact me whenever you need to... Not just for work.
General greeting 10
Call me through our special channel if there are any emergencies. I'll be there immediately.
General greeting 11
I will give anything to bring you victory.
General greeting 12
You have won a special place in my heart... I wish to be your number one.
Affection up 1
Natural talent... Such a tasteless phrase, is it not?
Affection up 2
...Thank you.
Affection up 3
Sorry, but Kamui seems to have hit something with his Inver-Device again... I might have to be away for a while.
Affection up 4
Commandant, please don't waste money on me.
Affection up 5
Perfection is not about winning, but rather, giving it your best.
Affection up 6
Thank you. Commandant, do you think honor is greater than life or safety?
Affection up 7
Not just tactics and strategies, but I would like to talk with you more about other things as well.
Affection up 8
Your interests, Commandant, I seem to have developed an interest in them as well.
Affection up 9
I shall be your shield, your fortress, you final answer.
Affection up 10
This is the greatest present I have ever recieved.
Affection up 11
You are the optimal solution.
Affection up 12
The present I want the most... is right before my eyes.
Idle 1
Commandant, please don't slack off during a mission.
Idle 2
I look forward to going on a mission together with you.
Idle 3
I am looking for an answer... But the answerer seems to be quite reluctant still.
Idle 4
Is something the matter...? No, it's okay. I'll always be here.
Extended connection 1
Commandant, please remember to take a rest every now and then.
Extended connection 2
This is not the time to plan for missions. Humans should rest during actual rest time, otherwise, you might compromise the mission.
Extended connection 3
Overloading your mental capacity will cause issues. Please take a rest immediately. Otherwise, I will have to force you to.
Extended connection 4
What do I have to do to make you rest? Please stop hurting your own body already!
Connection made 1
Good morning, Commandant.
Connection made 2
It's been a while. I have sent the new mission details to your comms screen. Your orders, please.
Connection made 3
I will be supporting you, Commandant. for a certain period of time. I look forward to working with you.
Connection made 4
Commandant, pleased to make your acquaintance.
Connection made 5
Kamui has been spending quite a lot of time here... I think I understand him now.
Connection made 6
Chrome, ready for your orders.
Extended offline time 1
Finally, we meet again, Commandant.
Shake 1
What is it? An ambush?
Shake 2
My head... I must stay diligent...
Shake 3
Huh... Kamui? Or... Commandant?
Quick tap 1
This is not a... proper way to do it.
Quick tap 2
Is there something on me?
Quick tap 3
Please stop... I-I'm feeling... strange...
Activity at max
Maintenance complete! Strike Hawk's Chrome is now ready!
Battle starts
The one that advances wins!
Battle 1
Give it your best shot!
Battle 2
How do you feel about the result?
Battle 3
Go behind me!
Let's end it all!
Requesting support!
Alert! Regroup and replan!
Knocked out
...This is... my fault...
Strike Hawk leader Chrome. I have come to support.
Is this all you have?
Battle over
I have brought you the promised victory.
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