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The leader of the Strike Hawk. Capable of relaying important intel through a secure and stable channel. He values the flawless competition of missions, and also the safety of all his teammates. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (30%) Lightning (70%) 50%



Generic Coatings

The default outfit given to Constructs when they were manufactured.

The outfit designed by awakened Constructs to their liking after gaining the permission to do so.

The outfit modified by Constructs after they reach the ultimate awakening phase. Perfectly resembles the characteristics of their M.I.N.D.

Alternate Coatings

Corrosion - Contrary to the usual style of its user, this coating has a wild and aggressive design that exposes some of his rarely seen characteristics. It is equipped with high-density creature filters, and the special boosters installed in its arms and legs provide formidable burst power and dexterity.

Operation Zero - A dress-like Coating made for commercial infiltration missions. The suitcase has weapons hidden within, and the inner layer is made from bullet-proof materials using a special technique. It has maintained a glamorous and agile look without compromising on defense.


Character List
Character List
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