Karenina: Ember/Secrets

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Taking off her jacket and releasing the weapon restriction, Karenina is able to unleash the full force of her flaming wrath to burn away everything in her way. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (30%) Fire(70%) 50%


Ember's Secret 1

Does not get along with the other members of the Purifying Force.

Ember's Secret 2

This new frame is much better at jumping than her last.

Ember's Secret 3

Bianca's lap is her best pillow.

Ember's Secret 4

Likes to make Bianca's hair.

Ember's Secret 5

Is happy to be assigned to the Purifying Force.

Ember's Secret 6

What Karenina expresses the most annoyance for on the surface is likely something she truly likes.

Ember's Secret 7

Spun around in circles once after she switched into a new frame.

Ember's Secret 8

Bianca saw her spinning.

Ember's Secret 9

Her weapon will hurt even herself if its full power is unleashed.

Ember's Secret 10

There are 32 holes in the ground in front of Gray Raven HQ, all made by Karenina. There will be a new one any day now.

Ember's Secret 11

Has once stepped on one of the accessories on her own frame and tripped. She still likes this frame, though.

Ember's Secret 12

Has once checked the whereabouts of the Gray Raven squad through the Purifying Force positioning system.

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Character List
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