Lee: Entropy/Secrets

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The limits have been broken. Past and present intertwine. Lee dominates the battlefield with superior computing power. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Entropy's Secret 1

Very conscious of numbers.

Entropy's Secret 2

Claims that there is a problem with the heat circulation system, but never got it fixed.

Entropy's Secret 3

Has a 50% win rate in verbal spats with Kamui.

Entropy's Secret 4

Likes the color blue, which is also the color of his vital fluid.

Entropy's Secret 5

His hair is stiffer than the other Constructs'.

Entropy's Secret 6

Has had more human females than Construct females ask him for his number, but he has turned down every request.

Entropy's Secret 7

Understands more about the internal workings of things than their external appearance.

Entropy's Secret 8

Has had objective and logical discourses on the functionality of various Construct parts with the commandant—including Bianca's chest cushion.

Entropy's Secret 9

Has studied Kamui's vocal module and tried to shut it off.

Entropy's Secret 10

Developed a mini Inver-Device for his botlets.

Entropy's Secret 11

After a certain incident, Kamui and a few others tried to "trap" Lee, but his intellect saved him from an untimely demise.

Entropy's Secret 12

After acquiring the commandant's consent, Lee has digitized and archived data obtained through commandant observation.

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Character List
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