Lee: Entropy/Voice

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The limits have been broken. Past and present intertwine. Lee dominates the battlefield with superior computing power. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


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Chris Hackney 夏侯落枫
Xia Hou Luo Feng
Hyun2 Wai3
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Construct joins
So you're the Commandant, huh... Just don't do anything stupid.
Level up
A most obvious thing.
Not bad. I feel like I'll grow stronger.
Passable. But there's still room for improvement.
Improve skill
Let's make good use of this activity pattern.
Equip weapon
Hmmm... Quite ergonomic. Nice.
Add to team
Good choice.
Set as leader
Leading the team? I'm more than qualified.
Mission complete 1
There's a reward. Go get it.
Mission complete 2
Earn rewards by completing missions... You know that, right?
General greeting 1
...What are you looking at?
General greeting 2
If you find yourself with a lot of spare time, you should maybe do some brain exercises.
General greeting 3
Back yet?
General greeting 4
Commandants shouldn't just be sitting around all day, right?
General greeting 5
Once you've had enough rest, let's get ready to fight.
General greeting 6
Free? How about we play a few rounds at the range?
General greeting 7
What are you doing here, staring into space?
General greeting 8
You must be tired, Commandant. If there's anything I can do to make you more comfortable, let me know.
General greeting 9
We're really fortunate to have you as our leader.
General greeting 10
Tell me if you run into any trouble. Don't just keep it all in yourself.
General greeting 11
I remember everything you say. Orders, and everything else.
General greeting 12
What's playing in my earpiece? No.. it's not an earpiece! There's nothing playing in it!
General greeting 13
I never make promises lightly... but I would like a promise from you...
General greeting 14
Human lives are fleeting compared to ours... If I can just share half of your time...
Affection up 1
Don't cotton up to me.
Affection up 2
I've seen your little diplomatic tricks. They're useless on me.
Affection up 3
I didn't say I dislike it.
Affection up 4
I'm getting used to you, I guess.
Affection up 5
So we're getting to know each other, huh.
Affection up 6
I wouldn't mind knowing more about you, I guess...
Affection up 7
I'm not displeased that you want to get to know me better...
Affection up 8
If I could spend the rest of my time with you...
Idle 1
Not on duty during work hours?
Idle 2
Any problems you can't solve? Don't beat yourself up. I can help.
Idle 3
It's awkward when you suddenly go quiet like that.. Wanna do something maybe?
Idle 4
You still there? Don't creep me out...
Extended connection 1
What's the point of working endlessly?
Extended connection 2
Being hardworking is a virtue, but don't neglect your health.
Extended connection 3
Relax. I'll take care of you. Don't be so hard on yourself. Rest awhile.
Connection made 1
Morning. If you're ready, let's get started.
Connection made 2
There you are! Let us begin by analyzing those Corrupted samples we collected yesterday.
Connection made 3
The data analysis is ready. If you're awake, let's discuss the results.
Connection made 4
Great timing. There are issues with the experiment data. Get prepped to be holed up in the lab for the whole day.
Extended offline time 1
Is this our newly appointed Commandant? So why do I feel like I've seen you before?
Extended offline time 2
Standby mode was indeed the right option. Welcome back, Commandant.
Extended offline time 3
I just happened to be on duty today. Not waiting for you here.
Extended offline time 4
I'm glad you came back.
Shake 1
What are you--!?
Shake 2
Don't be so childish...!
Shake 3
...You done yet?
Shake 4
You never get bored of this, do you?
Quick tap 1
That's enough!
Quick tap 2
Did you get hit on the head or something!?
Quick tap 3
I fail to comprehend what you find interesting in this.
Quick tap 4
You just wait. When I meet you for real, I'll poke you right back.
Activity at max
Max activity. Remember to claim your reward.
Battle starts
Perfect as always.
Teammate returns
Good. You came back alive.
Battle 1
No one can escape my shots.
Battle 2
Hah, still trying to run?
Battle 3
I'd advise giving up.
Hit. Just as calculated.
Tsk... Not bad...
This isn't going well...
Knocked out
Don't be afraid... I won't...
Don't worry, I'm here.
Your orders, please.
Battle over
Perfect as always.
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