Liv: Luminance/Voice

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Behind the strength of Liv’s heart is a simple dream, and such purity is why this frame is so powerful. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Brianna Knickerbocker 多多
Duo Duo
Haan4 Daap6 Ng4 Tung4
Miku Itou
Construct joins
Commandant... My name is Liv... I'll try to be of help.
Level up
I'll keep trying.
I might not be as good as Lucia, but I'll try to catch up.
Am I now... a bit stronger?
Improve skill
My combat ability has improved... Commandant.
Equip weapon
Is this really for me? If you say so, then... thanks.
Add to team
I'll keep trying my best!
Set as leader
I'm the... leader? I'll give it everything I've got!
Mission complete 1
Commandant, please remember to claim your rewards after completing a mission.
Mission complete 2
The mission is complete and your reward is here. Please check.
General greeting 1
I won't serve a Commandant that's all low-spirited... So, please manage your nutrition intake.
General greeting 2
I will try my best to protect my own safety after ensuring yours.
General greeting 3
What is it about the night that makes you want to stay up late?
General greeting 4
A world shrouded in darkness is not worth anything. That's why I wish to restore the light.
General greeting 5
Walking in the darkness will strengthen you.
General greeting 6
Don't think I didn't know you stayed up late again last night.
General greeting 7
Would today's operation planning require my help?
General greeting 8
Books long ago wrote of an age when all beings lived in harmony. Humans and Constructs—Do you think we will ever see such a day?
General greeting 9
Do not fear to be in the darkness, for I shall lead you forward.
General greeting 10
I can lose everything, but not you.
General greeting 11
You are my light. You dispel the darkness.
General greeting 12
I'm so lucky I met you.
Affection up 1
I could never hate you.
Affection up 2
Everything about you is burned into my memories.
Affection up 3
I can never know too much about you.
Affection up 4
I don't know if it's right to be this close to you... but it makes me happy inside...
Affection up 5
Nothing wrong with being a bit closer...
Affection up 6
I like you, Commandant...
Affection up 7
Your presence is very reassuring.
Affection up 8
My yearning to touch you grows inside my M.I.N.D...
Idle 1
Are you still on duty?
Idle 2
Have you run into trouble?
Idle 3
Please say something... It's making me worry.
Idle 4
Did I displease you in some way?
Idle 5
Don't scare me... You're still there, right?
Extended online time 1
Please take care of yourself better...
Extended online time 2
Extended mind linking can cause harm to your body... Please go and get some rest!
Extended online time 3
Please don't spend too much time linked. I'll always be here...
Connection made 1
Good morning, Commandant.
Connection made 2
Let's try our best to recover the Earth today!
Connection made 3
Your orders, Commandant.
Connection made 4
Oh, you're here!
Extended offline time 1
So you're finally back...
Extended offline time 2
If you run into trouble, don't try to solve it by yourself. I... We're all here for you...
Extended offline time 3
I almost believed you wouldn't come back, like what they said...
Extended offline time 4
I knew you would come back. Thank goodness you did...
Shake 1
P-please behave yourself...
Shake 2
I... I'm feeling a bit queasy...
Shake 3
Do you always have to do that?
Shake 4
I... I'm getting used to it...
Quick tap 1
Quick tap 2
Quick tap 3
Please, that part is...
Quick tap 4
You can poke me all you like... As long as you don't leave me...
Activity at max
You have already reached maximum Activity for today! Good work, Commandant!
Teammate returns
You must be tired, please take a rest now. I can handle the data analysis.
Battle 1
I'll protect everyone...
Battle 2
I can do it.
Battle 3
I'll do my best...! Now perish!
May the blessed light grant us new life.
I'm fine...
It's getting dangerous.
Knocked out
I... can't...
Liv, activating support mode.
Even I can...!
Battle over
I hope I didn't drag everyone down...
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