Karenina: Blast/Voice

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Trained at the Cosmos Technicians Union and a member of the Engineering Force, the fiery Karenina solves problems by blowing them up. The Purifying Force finds this useful. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (80%) Fire (20%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Heather Gonzalez 花铃
Hua Ling
Dung1 Dung1
Haruka Tomatsu
Construct joins
I don't care who's the boss, as long as I get to fight.
Level up
I'm stronger than Lucia, right?
Who better to trust than me?
Improve skill
Practice makes perfect.
Equip weapon
I'm a master of weapons. So don't waste so much time on it.
Add to team
Wise decision.
Set as leader
Lucia's job doesn't interest me, but... I'll give it a try.
Mission complete 1
Hey. Mission's over.
Mission complete 2
Missions come with rewards. Do I really need to remind you?
General greeting 1
Go organize the schedules already.
General greeting 2
Tired already? Whatever. Go and get some rest. I'll take it from here.
General greeting 3
Why do I hate Lucia? Because she's strong... I mean, nothing!
General greeting 4
...I'll be infected with the stupids if I stay on this team for long.
General greeting 5
I'm only here wasting time with you because of mission requirements.
General greeting 6
Will I ever find something in my life that's more important than battling?
General greeting 7
I should be the one beside you, not Lucia!
General greeting 8
I'm only here because you said so... It's not like I want to be here...
General greeting 9
Battling and winning meant everything to me before... but now, you're part of that too.
General greeting 10
I'll keep on fighting, not for me, but for you.
General greeting 11
Will I ever become your number one?
Affection up 1
Well... You don't need to be this nice to me.
Affection up 2
You want to make me sharper? Then let me fight!
Affection up 3
They say it makes you fight better this way...
Affection up 4
I ain't trying to get on your good side! This is just for me and me only!
Affection up 5
I'll m-maybe pay you just a little bit more attention!
Affection up 6
I've never felt... so close to a human before...
Affection up 7
I can't believe this level of intimacy... is even possible...
Affection up 8
I-I can feel my M.I.N.D. boiling over! What did you do?!
Idle 1
Hey, what are you doing dwadling here?! Give us your orders already!
Idle 2
Wouldn't your time be better spent killing Corrupted?
Idle 3
Idle 4
I'm right here. You dare get distracted?!
Excessive online time 1
I'd love to keep fighting, but you're not much use to me passed out on the floor.
Excessive online time 2
Humans are frail. Oh well, go and get some rest.
Excessive online time 3
If you pass out, I'm the one who has to drag your ass back to HQ. Go and get some rest!
Excessive online time 4
Go get some rest. I'm sure I'll get along without you.
Connection made 1
There you are. Let's get started!
Connection made 2
What kept you?! Get a move on!
Connection made 3
There you are, finally! Next time I'm not hanging around.
Connection made 4
(Yawns) Oh, you only just got here!
Extended offline time 1
You think your time is more valuable than mine?
Extended offline time 2
Are you deliberately avoiding me?
Extended offline time 3
You've been gone for ages! You might as well never come back!
Extended offline time 4
Too. Damn. Long. Try that again and I'll chain you up!
Shake 1
Shake 2
...How childish can you be!?
Shake 3
You think I won't stomp on you?!
Shake 4
Hah! Doesn't work on me anymore!
Quick tap 1
You want a taste of my cannon?!
Quick tap 2
You wanna lose that finger?
Quick tap 3
Come poke me in the person if you dare!
Quick tap 4
Poke, poke, poke. All you do is poke. How old are you...?
Activity at max
Hey, didn't you see? Activity is at max. You don't want your rewards?
Teammate returns
Why didn't you take me into battle?
Battle 1
Die, scum!
Battle 2
Outta my way!
Battle 3
Go to hell!
Get blown to smithereens!
Tsk... Bloody...
Watch out! You want us all to reboot or something?!
Knocked out
I'll pay you back... a thousandfold...
Looks like y'all can't handle it without me!
You called?
Battle over
Did I win over Lucia? Tell me!
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