Bianca: Zero/Voice

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Leader of the Purifying Force, elegant yet cold, always performing her orders to perfection. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Skyler Davenport 云鹤追
Yun He Zhui
San4 Ming4 Ling4
Ayako Kawasumi
Construct joins
I am Bianca, leader of the Purifying Force... We are temporarily coordinating with the Gray Raven squad.
Level up
I can become even... stronger?
Might is needed to fulfill your wishes.
They don't have this in the Purifying Force.
Improve skill
Practice makes perfect. The same goes for all skills.
Equip weapon
New weaponry? Thank you kindly, Commandant.
Add to team
Bianca at your service.
Set as leader
I think I can handle leading the team.
Mission complete 1
Mission completed. Remember to claim your reward at HQ.
Mission complete 2
For flawlessly completing missions, Babylonia has dispatched rewards. Don't forget to claim them.
General greeting 1
Good morning, Commandant. Let's get started.
General greeting 2
It's time to recharge, Commandant. Please recharge regularly.
General greeting 3
You should get some rest. Please don't overdo it.
General greeting 4
Now that I'm a member of Gray Raven, you can just treat me like the others.
General greeting 5
Faith? It all came naturally, please don't remind me.
General greeting 6
I do my duty, because that's what I believe in.
General greeting 7
People are complicated—We all have many sides. Which side of me do you prefer?
General greeting 8
You're the only person who ever called me unique.
General greeting 9
My favorite word is belief. Belief in people, belief in things can be very reassuring.
General greeting 10
I believe in you, Commandant.
Affection up 1
I feel very comfortable working with you, Commandant.
Affection up 2
Indeed, we get along quite well.
Affection up 3
You're the first Commandant I have felt this close to.
Affection up 4
You really want to get to know me, do you?
Affection up 5
Only because it's you.
Affection up 6
No more goofing off when we're together, okay?
Affection up 7
Now we'll never be apart.
Affection up 8
I really do appreciate your attention.
Idle 1
Commandant? Take a rest if you're feeling tired.
Idle 2
If you're here, you might as well work.
Idle 3
Goofing off again? I'll help, so stay focused.
Idle 4
Eyes on me only, please.
Excessive online time 1
Commandant. Our minds have been linked for quite a while. I think you need some rest.
Excessive online time 2
Extended mind linking can damage mental functions. Treat your body with a little more respect, Commandant.
Excessive online time 3
You'd be surprised by the number of brain deaths caused by extended linking. Please, get some rest.
Excessive online time 4
Listen to me for once... Go and get some rest.
Connection made 1
Good day, Commandant.
Connection made 2
Good to see you, Commandant.
Connection made 3
I thought you were too busy lounging around in bed.
Connection made 4
Please. I'm waiting.
Extended offline time 1
It's been a while. Is everything okay, Commandant?
Extended offline time 2
Did you run into trouble, Commandant? It feels like a long time since I saw you.
Extended offline time 3
You were gone for a long time.
Extended offline time 4
You were away for a long time, but as long as you're back...
Shake 1
Careful, Commandant. Constructs contain sensitive equipment.
Shake 2
That's enough, Commandant.
Shake 3
You really enjoy doing this, don't you?
Shake 4
Ah, do whatever you like.
Quick tap 1
Ugh... Does your finger require medical attention?
Quick tap 2
It's not funny, Commandant.
Quick tap 3
(Sighs) ...Help yourself.
Quick tap 4
Never mind. I just need to get used to it
Activity at max
Well done, Commandant. Your activity has reached its max value.
Teammate returns
Let me tidy up the battlefield. You should get ready for the next battle, Commandant.
Battle 1
Battle 2
Battle 3
God will not forgive you...
My next shot will put you out of your misery.
God bless...
Commandant, now might be a good time to pull back.
Knocked out
Back to the... start...
Let's coordinate our attacks.
Battle over
Well, that was well fought.
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