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Leader of the Purifying Force, elegant yet cold, always performing her orders to perfection. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%



Leader of the Purifying Force, Attacker.
Always cool and logical, Bianca's remarkable skill with a bow is nothing compared to her ability to see the big picture and make the right decision.


The leader of the Purifying Force may have a reputation for being cold and impersonal, but those close to her know that she is remarkably fair and reasonable, willing to listen to different opinions before making a decision, and quite capable of being flexible when the situation calls for it.
Her fairness is a great strength, but can sometimes be a source of headaches as well.


She has served in her position for a long time, while those of serve under her come and go quickly.
Friend and trusted comrade of Karenina.
She firmly believes that the mission of the Purifying Force is to free infected Constructs from the pain of the Punishing Virus.


In the hunt for the "deserter" Kamui, she was able to see through the ruse of her mission orders, and worked with Gray Raven to achieve a breakthrough.


As a human, Bianca was an abandoned infant raised by the priest of a remote church.
Bianca grew up with a strong sense of faith and self-discipline.
She recognizes her own guilt, but continues to be devoted to her cause to count up the sins of others.


Bianca never makes a decision rashly, preferring to thoroughly investigate every case that she handles. This attitude has earned her the contempt of other Purifying Force squads.
Even so, she remains committed to her position, working to maintain balance between the Purifying Force and the Execution Squads.

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