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Leader of the Forsaken, who chose to leave Babylonia to protect Oasis with his comrades who have been forgotten by the world. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%



Leader of the Forsaken. Attacker-type.
An expert with twin blades, Watanabe is able to quickly and silently approach the enemy to score a stealthy kill.


Much loved and respected by the Forsaken.
Watanabe named the Forsaken headquarters as "Oasis".
He considers the Forsaken to be his family, and is committed to protecting the home of the Forsaken.


Former Construct of Babylonia and an elite member of the Execution Squad.
After coming into conflict with the decision-makers of Babylonia, he removed his own Inver-Device and traveled to Earth with only minimum protection against the virus.
He gathered the humans and Constructs that have been left behind on Earth, and in time they came to be called the Forsaken.


"The world I want is one that is fair and peaceful."
As a dissident of Babylonia, Watanabe's suspicions were confirmed when he came to Earth and saw for himself the lives of the humans and Constructs left behind.
His opinion of Babylonia seems to have improved slightly after encountering Gray Raven.


Watanabe's Consciousness comes from a Reserve Army soldier on Earth. He had met Bianca when she was a human.
During the Punishing outbreak, he hesitated to open fire on the Corrupted priest who seemed to have retained a modicum of reason.
This was one of the reasons why Bianca had to kill her foster father with her own hands.


As a Construct, Watanabe has become more mature and determined.
He is willing to abandon everything, and protect everything.
As the leader of the Forsaken, he is taking them towards a future that he believes in.

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