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Trained at the Cosmos Technicians Union and a member of the Engineering Force, the fiery Karenina solves problems by blowing them up. The Purifying Force finds this useful. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (80%) Fire (20%) 50%



Support associated with the Purifying Force. Attacker-type.
Wielding a hand cannon, she is an expert in demolition and explosives. Even with performance limits imposed, her ability in combat is second to none, even elite Constructs in the Execution Squad.


Sees Lucia as her greatest rival, constantly seeking the opportunity to avenge the defeat that she once suffered at Lucia's hands, but Lucia has always been able to find a reason to avoid it.


As a regular support associate of the Purifying Force, she often works with Bianca.
They worked together to pursue Kamui.


Karenina's fiery temper and obsession with winning have led to many conflicts.
However, it is also very easy to redirect her attention and calm her down.
Bianca, in particular, has become something of an expert at this.


Karenina's consciousness came from a much-abused orphan in the slums.
She was raised by someone she calls "Grandpa", who came down from the upper levels to the slums.
There seem to be more to Grandpa's life in the upper levels and his death than what meets the eye.
After miraculously surviving the Punishing Virus epidemic, Karenina was made into a Construct after she was rescued.


Karenina would never admit it, but she will never stand idly by the side when Lucia and Gray Raven are in danger.
Her harsh words belie how fond she is of her friends.

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