Liv: Luminance/Secrets

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Behind the strength of Liv’s heart is a simple dream, and such purity is why this frame is so powerful. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Luminance's Secret 1

Many Constructs have professed their love for her.

Luminance's Secret 2

Sometimes loses her sense of direction when floating in battle.

Luminance's Secret 3

Unconsciously swishes her hair around sometimes as if it were still long.

Luminance's Secret 4

Has searched for information and explanations on human families.

Luminance's Secret 5

Has said that Luminance is her favorite loadout.

Luminance's Secret 6

Will quietly clean up the mess that others make in HQ.

Luminance's Secret 7

Has gotten uneasy about talking with members from other squads after her frame change.

Luminance's Secret 8

Adjusted her maintenance pod to help her get used to her new frame.

Luminance's Secret 9

Likes to take care of plants.

Luminance's Secret 10

Has imagined her life after the war.

Luminance's Secret 11

Celica forces her to yell her skill names out sometimes.

Luminance's Secret 12

Feels embarrassed about walking beside the commandant in this frame.

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