Karenina: Ember/Voice

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Taking off her jacket and releasing the weapon restriction, Karenina is able to unleash the full force of her flaming wrath to burn away everything in her way. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (30%) Fire(70%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Heather Gonzalez 花铃
Hua Ling
Dung1 Dung1
Haruka Tomatsu
Construct joins
I don't care who's the boss, as long as I get to fight.
Level up
I'm stronger than Lucia, right?
Who better to trust than me?
Improve skill
Practice makes perfect.
Equip weapon
I'm a master of weapons. So don't waste so much time on it.
Add to team
Wise decision.
Set as leader
Lucia's job doesn't interest me, but... I'll give it a try.
Mission complete 1
Hey. Mission's over.
Mission complete 2
Missions come with rewards. Do I really need to remind you?
General greeting 1
You're just like everyone else, toiling through the morning.
General greeting 2
Replenish energy right now, or your afternoon is going to get ugly... Me? I'm a lot stronger than you. I don't need that.
General greeting 3
Going to bed early will do you good. Ignore me at your peril.
General greeting 4
Is every team you lead this stupid?
General greeting 5
I talk more in one day on your team than I did in a whole week on the Purifying Force...
General greeting 6
Something more important than battle...? Y-you'll have to give me a hint!
General greeting 7
I will become stronger and earn my place by your side.
General greeting 8
Ahem, of course, if you say so, then maybe I'll stay by your side.
General greeting 9
Fine, I admit it. Somehow you've become even more important to me than battles...
General greeting 10
I wonder, is there a place for me in your heart?
General greeting 11
I know what it feels like to have your M.I.N.D. all steamed up... and you're the cause of all that.
Affection up 1
Are you sucking up to me?
Affection up 2
We're only doing this so we can fight better, yeah?
Affection up 3
Hm, let's see if this lets me fight better.
Affection up 4
I-I'm not trying to be on good terms with you, I swear...
Affection up 5
I'm keeping an eye on you!
Affection up 6
I doubt anyone will ever get this close to me again.
Affection up 7
I can't believe... how close we've grown.
Affection up 8
I feel like my M.I.N.D. is burning up...
Idle 1
Hello? Babylonia to Commandant, are you there?
Idle 2
Corrupted are beating down our door! Get off your butt, lazybones!
Idle 3
I'll count to three and if you're still ignoring me, I'll... I'll... I'll ignore you!
Idle 4
C'mon! I'm standing right here! Look at me already!
Excessive online time 1
Humans are weak, I get it. Go and get some rest.
Excessive online time 2
It's okay, go and get some rest. Everyone knows you can't hack it.
Excessive online time 3
You think I want to see you get sick or hurt? Go and get some rest already!
Excessive online time 4
Don't push yourself too hard. You and I still have a long way to go together.
Connection made 1
Ready yet?
Connection made 2
Hurry up! I can't wait to start fighting!
Connection made 3
Any slower and next time you'll be waiting for me!
Connection made 4
Next time you plan to sleep in, let me know so I can too...
Extended offline time 1
Oh, and here I thought you'd deserted!
Extended offline time 2
Fess up. Where have you been all this time?
Extended offline time 3
Are you sure you're at the right base, Commandant? Hmph...
Extended offline time 4
I... I thought you'd... You're never leaving me again!!!
Shake 1
Shake 2
...How childish can you be!?
Shake 3
You think I won't stomp on you?!
Shake 4
Hah! Doesn't work on me anymore!
Quick tap 1
You want a taste of my cannon?!
Quick tap 2
You wanna lose that finger?
Quick tap 3
Come poke me in the person if you dare!
Quick tap 4
Poke, poke, poke. All you do is poke. How old are you...?
Activity at max
Hey, didn't you see? Activity is at max. You don't want your rewards?
Teammate returns
Why didn't you take me into battle?
Battle 1
Die, scum!
Battle 2
Outta my way!
Battle 3
Go to hell!
Squeal in the flames!
Tsk... Bloody...
Watch out! You want us all to reboot or something?!
Knocked out
I'll pay you back... a thousandfold...
Looks like y'all can't handle it without me!
You called?
Battle over
Did I win over Lucia? Tell me!
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