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Taking off her jacket and releasing the weapon restriction, Karenina is able to unleash the full force of her flaming wrath to burn away everything in her way. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (30%) Fire(70%) 50%



The new frame that the commandant of Gray Raven provisioned for Karenina is more than just a new look, it also awakens a new attack mode for her hand cannon.


Fires a continuous thermal wave from the nozzle. Can be used as a powerful blade that cuts through any matter.


The frame is made from the newest prism sheet, while the build-in optical receiver makes charging convenient and quick. Its weaponry has also been upgraded to a high-speed levi-gun.


Karenina would never say it, but she is very happy about the look of her new frame.


Karenina was a major contributor in Gray Raven's construction of the above-ground facility.
Despite her constant complaints, it was abundantly clear that she was enjoying it.


The new frame has made her even more competitive. Added to her existing obsession for Lucia is a newfound obsession for the commandant.

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