- Gungnir
- ★★★★★★

- Everlasting Brilliance
- Damaging a target will reduce their Physical DEF by 20% for 8s. The duration is refreshed each time this effect is triggered. Dealing damage with small/medium/wide-area electromagnetic beam also applies a damage over time effect for 8s, dealing Physical DMG equal to 25% / 50% / 100% of ATK every second.

Signature Weapon belonging to Rosetta: Rigor.

Target Weapon Research Banner: All 6★ weapons are available for an 80% chance on the 30th pull. Two other "off-banner" weapons share its pool, and it is possible to pull one of those instead of the targeted weapon. Available permanently.


Weapon Data

The core of this Rail Spear is a high-energy component that is still in the experimental phase. The engineers must have given it the divine spear's name for a reason.

Weapon Backstory

"Remember that deadly thing brought by the Science Council? Yep, I had it installed on this prototype. I mean, why not?"
- Weapon Designer N