Ballwheel IV

Ballwheel IV

Enemy Specs

Model: ■■■■
Production Type: ■■■■
Primary Use: ■■■■

Era of Manufacture: ■■■■

Intelligence Level: ■■■■

Profile 1: The agile Ballwheel can perform a whole host of complicated tricks. Able to spin their discs right round and round, a caravan of Ballwheels together is a sight to behold.

Story 1: A traditional performer-bot on the Nighter. A major export product in the Golden Age, it is mainly used to replace humans in high difficulty performances.

Enemy Traits
Melee, Charger

Gameplay Information


  • Wide Swing: The blade on both sides can detach and rotate around its main body which can inflict damage to its surroundings.
  • Rush Swing: Running while charging when there's some distance and directly slicing using its blade. There's a brief red light before the move occurs.

Notes and Advice

Its Wide Swing action requires its blade to be detached from the main body. When this move occurs, Ballwheel IV will enter a vulnerable state where it can't move.