Enemy Specs

Model: Type Sζ-I039
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Scientific

Era of Manufacture: [TBA]

Intelligence Level: This machine has the lowest-level intelligence of all Golden Age products. Possesses only a single function.

Profile 1: Its brutish and massive horns are razor-sharp, easily splitting any objects when it charges.

Profile 2: Bio-Bulls change their posture through signals received from their antennas. The antennas also serve as enemy sensors.

Story 1: Driven by the mechanoid restoration trends, Copperfield has created a mechanically restored incarnation of a bull in his Estate Museum.

Enemy Traits
Melee, Charger

Gameplay Information


  • Stomp: Raises its head, then slams its frontal region downwards, dealing damage at close range.
  • Head Swipe: Swings its head at close range.
  • Wild Rush: Stampedes, dealing heavy damage.

Notes and Advice

It will frequently use its Wild Rush attack when at medium to long range from its target.

Dealing heavy damage to this enemy can temporarily knock it down.