Enemy Specs

Model: ■■■■
Production Type: Mass-Produced
Primary Use: Artistic

Era of Manufacture: Produced in the middle of the Golden Age, it started to be applied to different fields of work

Intelligence Level: Low intelligence level. it supports humans in completing various tasks.

Profile 1: With its mastery of various musical instruments, it can switch its performance style whenever it needs to connect with the audience emotionally.

Profile 2: The speakers on its waist are connected to the Venus Splash Park's control system. Therefore, it not only plays its own music but also broadcasts different messages from the park when necessary.

Story 1: A customer service robot produced by Universal Toys in the middle of the Golden Age. In the Venus Splash Park, it acts as a show performer and a guide in the water park.

Story 2: Its name comes from a supporting actor in Time for Dancing, a renowned movie of the Golden Age.

Enemy Traits

Gameplay Information


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