Da Vinci/Backstory

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Da Vinci's Backstory I

Da Vinci is deemed one of the most important advocates of the mechanoid restoration trends. To call her works masterpieces would be a disgrace for their perfection. Her heavenly crafts are now deservedly stored in the most exquisite showcases of the WGAA. A polymath, it is rumored that most of Cosmos Industries' early products are based on Da Vinci's manuscripts. Her cultural weight makes her presence alone an inspiring beacon to Constructs on the battlefield.

Da Vinci's Backstory II

Da Vinci's biggest regret for becoming a memory chip is her inability to create art by hand. To Da Vinci, relying on machines to realize her ideas is soulless. The commandant is the only one who can cheer her up in these gloomy times.

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