Enemy Specs

Model: Type Iα-I002
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Industrial

Era of Manufacture: Product of the early Golden Age. Most of them are equipped with basic functions only.

Intelligence Level: A machine with the lowest intelligence level designed for a single purpose only.

Profile 1: The disassembly blades can decommission a target from different angles. The frames are usually worn from age, but the blades are still razor-sharp.

Profile 2: Easily broken because of the simplistic design. Innumerable traces of repair can be found upon it.

Profile 3: Long-term operation might cause it to overheat. The warning lights will turn on in this case. A valve will have to be opened to dissipate heat.

Story 1: Produced in the early Golden Age. It was designed to dismantle decommissioned robots and mechanical devices in the recycling factory. Large body and armed with razor-sharp cutting blades, a corrupted Deconstructor is an intimidating threat to humanity.

Enemy Traits
Reach, Multiattack

Gameplay Information


  • Downswing: Thrusts its blades downward at close range.
  • Sideswing: Swipes its blades outwards in either direction at close range.
  • Windmill Hop: Leaps in the direction of its target and spins its body, swinging its blades with it.
  • Blade Hurl: Throws a spinning blade. The blade will travel in a linear path. This attack will display a range marker prior to launching.

Notes and Advice

In any instance of the Deconsructor using its Windmill Hop attack, it will always use the attack three times consecutively, adjusting its direction to aim at its target after each attack.