- Durendal
- ★★★★★★

- Immortality
- Fire DMG increases by 10%. The cooldown of consecutive dodge is removed. After dodging a damage, accumulates 1 Combo 2 - Dazzling Blade, which can be cast directly toward the direction of the joystick by tapping the White Orb. Also increases Extra DMG Bonus by 10% for 8s. During Apex of Trickery, the Deception Points generated from this combo are converted into 10 Trickery Points instead.

Signature Weapon belonging to Roland: Flambeau.

Target Weapon Research Banner: There is an 80% chance to obtain the targeted 6★ weapon when a 6★ weapon is obtained. A 6★ weapon is guaranteed to be obtained on the 30th pull since the last 6★ weapon obtained if any. Two other "off-banner" weapons share its pool, and it is possible to pull one of those instead of the targeted weapon. Available permanently.


Weapon Data

Durendal was long lost in the history of the Golden Age. Rumor has it that its blade can pierce through everything, and its crosshair will reveal all hidden foes. The immortal Durendal will fight along its user until their last breath, dedicating absolute loyalty to the person that it protects.

Weapon Backstory

"You had a brilliant story. Many people had great expectations of you. Yet, you ended up like this. Well, what's done is done. Let's walk together in the shadow from now on."