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Elizabeth's Backstory I

Just like other Star of Life medics, Elizabeth worked non-stop to treat patients from place to place.
Later, when the war broke out, she became a military medic. She managed to create a small safe zone under fire to perform emergency surgeries for dozens of soldiers under harsh conditions. Eventually, the war to reclaim the area was victorious, and Elizabeth also helped to significantly optimize the medical condition of the battlefield. However, she was severely wounded in the war and had to live with an infusion stand for the rest of her life.
Under her leadership, small medical tents were put up on the desolate battlefield, covering it under the starlight of life. Her name was thus remembered by numerous patients and medics.

Elizabeth's Backstory II

People found Elizabeth's body among the bodies of dozens of medics and patients after a surprise attack.
There was a debate between Star of Life and Babylonia over whether or not to convert Elizabeth into a Tactical Memory. But eventually, the medics who worked with her agreed to make her a Memory for soldiers to use based on her great accomplishments. She thus became a companion for soldiers on the battlefield.

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