Enemy Specs

Model: Type Sδ-III063
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Scientific

Era of Manufacture: A machine produced during the middle Golden Age ー modelled after the human form ー created as a result of religious organizations becoming involved in robotics.

Intelligence Level: Possesses moderate- to low-level intelligence. Designed to assist humans with their daily workload.

Profile 1: Their tools are highly durable. They were originally used for exploration, excavation, and soil collection. Now, it is used as a weapon.

Profile 2: Excavators fashioned simple armor out of the archaeological team's instruments.

Story 1: Once trusty partners of archaeologists for surveying ruins. The infected mechanoids revolted, burying archaeologists with themselves in history. Archaeological units are designed with different terrains in mind. They are highly mobile, and are good climbers and leapers.

Enemy Traits
Melee, Duelist

Gameplay Information


  • Downswing: Cleaves downwards with its spear at close to medium range.
  • Double Uppercut: Swings its spear across its front twice at close range.
  • Quick Uppercut: Performs the second half of the Double Uppercut attack instantaneously. This attack is predominantly used under special circumstances. See Notes and Advice for more information.
  • Shadow Leap: Jumps towards its target and plunges its spear into the ground, summoning dark spikes around it as it lands.
  • Assault Rush: Steadies itself, then lunges forward at breakneck speed, dealing damage to an extremely wide area. This attack will display a range marker prior to execution.
  • Backstep: Jumps backwards. During this move's animation, the Excavator gains invulnerability to damage.

Notes and Advice

  • If its Downswing attack successfully hits a player character, then the Excavator will follow up with a Shadow Leap while the target is still airborne.
  • If the player character successfully evades the Downswing but remains in the enemy's close-range frontal region, it will frequently attempt to use its Quick Uppercut attack. This attack has almost no precursor of its own and can be difficult to evade.
  • If the player character moves away from the enemy's frontal region before it would otherwise use its Quick Uppercut, it will frequently perform a Backstep.