Enemy Specs

Model: Type Sδ-III062
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Scientific

Era of Manufacture: A humanoid robot produced in the middle of the Golden Age. Religious groups began investing in mechanoid production at that time.

Intelligence Level: Low intelligence level. It supports human in completing various tasks.

Profile 1: Its arrows were once used by archaeological teams to locate and detonate targets remotely. The arrowhead is tipped with explosives.

Profile 2: The cloaks are fashioned out of tents used by archaeological teams.

Story 1: Once trusty partners of archaeologists for surveying ruins. The infected mechanoids revolted, burying archaeologists with themselves in history. Archaeological units are designed with different terrains in mind. They are highly mobile, and are good climbers and leapers.

Enemy Traits
Ranged, Duelist

Gameplay Information


  • Bow Swipe: Swings its bow at close range.
  • Single Shot: Fires an arrow in a linear path. There are two variations of this attack; one possesses a loading animation while the other does not. This attack will display a projectile path prior to firing.
  • Backstep Shot: Jumps backwards, then fires an arrow in a linear path. This attack will display a projectile path prior to firing.
  • Charged Shot: Charges an explosive arrow, aims at its target, and then fires. The arrow will explode upon impact, leaving a field effect that deals damage-over-time to player characters in its range. This attack will display a range marker prior to landing.

Notes and Advice

This enemy possesses very fast action speed. Its aiming animations are substantially shorter than its loading animations and can be misleading.