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Flamel's Backstory I

Star of Life under the personal profile, the record of Flamel left in the Star of Life now is the name only, as if she has neves existed. No one knows what she went through, but only fragmented rumors tell of her wild experiments in medicine. Some people say that Flamel's experiments allowed her to live forever in a human state with her beloved, while others say that her experiments will bring the dead back from the dark. No one knows the truth if these rumors, but only some dusty data indicate that it is not groundless, and the door of taboos has indeed been pushed open.

Flamel's Backstory II

"People who have passed away should pass away with dignity, instead of being resurrected by all means, so that's one of the reasons why her name is taboo. Stop tracing her trail, and this is the only advice I can leave for future generations..."

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