Ground Monitor

Ground Monitor

Enemy Specs

Model: Type Pα-I010
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Security

Era of Manufacture: Product of the early Golden Age with basic functions.

Intelligence Level: A machine of the lowest intelligence level with only a single function. Often seen used in the early Golden Age.

Profile 1: It transmits pictures captured by its infrared camera back to the humans and Sentry Guns via transmission lines.

Profile 2: After being corrupted, it no longer transmits any data. Instead, the infrared camera output is increased to smoke humans with laser beams.

Story 1: A robot created by Cosmos Industries to patrol designated routes. Mostly used for commercial and city security.

Enemy Traits
Ranged, AoE

Gameplay Information


  • Heat Burst: Fires a single linear projectile. This attack will display a projectile path prior to firing.
  • Heat Rain: Fires an explosive round upwards. If the initial animation completes, then an independent area-of-effect strike will land at the position where the player character was standing at the point of firing. This strike will display a range marker on the ground prior to landing.

Notes and Advice

As with most Primary:Ranged enemies, the Ground Monitor will attempt to maintain distance between itself and the player character. Pull-type attacks are effective in controlling its movement.