Enemy Specs

Model: Aη-III001
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Agricultural

Era of Manufacture: [TBA]

Intelligence Level: Possesses moderate- to low-level intelligence. Designed to assist humans with their daily workload.

Profile 1: A drivable vehicle while inactive. Includes all the basics—headlights, steering wheels, and continuous tracks.

Profile 2: The drill installed in a Harvester's left arm is used for excavation, exploration, and well drilling. The right hand can spray fertilizer and shoot flames and projectiles.

Story 1: Once a large agricultural robot for urban use. During the early outbreak of the Punishing Virus, it became refitted and militarized by humans. They were, however, only used inside of Central Purification Filters to avoid exposure to the virus. A lot of Harvesters were then destroyed during the big evacuation. Copperfield kept one of the remaining few in his Estate Museum.

Enemy Traits
Melee, Leaper

Gameplay Information


  • Claw Thrust: Thrusts its claw at close range.
  • Stomp: Slams its foot down, dealing damage at close range.
  • Slam: Leaps towards its target's location, dealing wide area damage.
  • Electro Ball: Fires a series of electric spheres in a hemispherical path. The projectiles will travel until they collide with an obstruction.

Notes and Advice

This enemy's attacks, in general, have much wider range than they may appear.

Its Claw Thrust attack's action speed is notably fast. Players are advised to be prepared to evade at the beginning of its attack animation cycle.

When at medium to long range from its target, it will use its Slam attack to close the distance.