Hetero Repair Unit

Hetero Repair Unit

Enemy Specs

Model: Type Mθ-II051
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Military

Era of Manufacture: A bionic animal taken by superior Corrupted in the Reconquista Age. Crude in appearance and visibly corrupted by the virus.

Intelligence Level: Low intelligence level. It supports human in completing various tasks.

Profile 1: The most common robot on the infected train. Its welding torch can repair vehicles and railways, as well as dismantle and assemble mechanical parts. Once the train takes damage, a host of Repair Units will swarm out to repair it.

Profile 2: Its head can rotate 360°, allowing it to attack at different angles.

Profile 3: Equipped with a laser launcher. It can shoot lasers from a small white nozzle.

Story 1: A robot produced in an infected train carriage. Small in size and high in speed, it is mainly responsible for collecting surrounding resources along the railways and welding them to the infected train. It also maintains the train and lays the tracks. Originally a repair module of the train, after its core became corrupted, additional mobility modules have been installed.

Enemy Traits
Melee, Support

Gameplay Information


  • Swing: Swings its torch at close range.
  • Laser Emission: Rotates its main rotunda and fires a medium-ranged laser stream. This attack will display an attack path prior to execution.
  • Repair: Repairs an allied unit for a substantial amount of HP.

Notes and Advice

Its Repair action requires it to be extremely close to its target. Keeping it away from its allies can prevent it from healing them.