Heteromer Hydraulic

Heteromer Hydraulic

Enemy Specs

Model: Type Iθ-III004
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Industrial

Era of Manufacture: A bionic animal taken by superior Corrupted in the Reconquista Age. Crude in appearance and visibly corrupted by the virus.

Intelligence Level: Low intelligence level. It supports human in completing various tasks.

Profile 1: The hydraulic system enables acrobatic movements. It also powers the entire frame.

Profile 2: With three legs and respectable jumping abilities, it can overcome nearly all terrains.

Profile 3: Open the frontal portion of the frame for a drill that can terraform the terrain for further operations.

Profile 4: It can firmly grasp the surfaces of the space station even in a vacuum environment.

Story 1: A space industrial jack created by Cosmos Industries. Capable of lifting heavy loads with ease, it was used in the modification and repairs of the space station. The name of Cosmos came from humanity's ambition to conquer space.

Story 2: Now corrupted, the vital fluids are essentially oozing with the Punishing Virus. The corrupted space station has modified this machine to leak fluids wherever it goes.

Enemy Traits
Melee, Leaper

Gameplay Information


  • Thrust: Thrusts a part of its body forward at close range. This attack has two variants ー one using its front limbs, and the other using its head ー but both retain the same behavior.
  • Pounce: Leaps towards its target and slams into the ground. This attack will display a range marker where the Hydraulic will land.
  • Drill Field: Plunges its drill into the ground, causing a radial area around it to become volatile. Deals multiple low-damaging hits to player characters in its range. This attack will display a range marker prior to execution.

Notes and Advice

This enemy's moveset and behavior are identical to that of the Hydraulic with the exception of having one extra attack.