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Qu: Pavo

Stage: Illusion
Hint: Musashi VI displaying color-coded zeroes
Note: You may have to finish the 2nd combat stage again if you didn't unlock the hidden node on your first playthrough

  • Input the "code" shown below by pinging the corresponding Signal Orbs close to Musashi VI
    • The order is irrelevant as long as the total amount matches
    • 5x Red Orb, 6x Blue Orb, 7 Yellow Orb
    • Matrix-Pings count regular Orbs and Concentrated Will Orbs as 3-Pings

pay attention to each color

  • Musashi VI will have color-coded quarter circles around his feet if a "code" has not been entered successfully yet

all three codes incorrect

  • Each successfully entered Passcode displays a corresponding hint
    • If you hit Musashi VI with an Orb of a previously successfully entered Passcode it will count as incorrect and the quarter circle around Musashi VI's feet reappears
    • You can manage your Signal Orbs by pinging them outside of attack range

Red passcode entered successfully

  • The "Difference" hint on the left side of the UI tells you the exact number of Orbs you have to ping
    • Pay attention to the color-coded quarter circles around Musashi VI's feet if you lost track of your Passcodes
    • In the example below one Yellow Orb needs to hit Musashi VI to enter the final passcode

"Difference" tells you how many Orbs have to be pinged

  • Musashi VI will shutdown if you entered all three passcodes successfully

all three passcodes entered successfully

  • You succeed if Qu's able to interact with Musashi VI and trigger Villier's dialogue


You can use Basic Attacks to generate Signal Orbs and only Signal Orbs that hit Musashi VI count towards the objective.

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