Enemy Specs

Model: Type Iα-I007
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Industrial

Era of Manufacture: Product of the early Golden Age with basic functions.

Intelligence Level: A machine of the lowest intelligence level with only a single function. Often seen used in the early Golden Age.

Profile 1: A Jitterbomb determines its exact distance with the target location (In a corrupted case, humans) through its compound-eye infrared sensors. Upon arrival, it will initiate its self-destruct sequence.

Profile 2: Ball-shaped and does not explode while inactive, easy to transport in this state. When activated, the small fission reactor lights up. The reactor is both the energy source and the explosive material.

Story 1: A simple industrial explosive robot. The small size allows it to pass through narrow tunnels in mines like an insect. It can move to a designated location to initiate self-destruction.

Enemy Traits

Gameplay Information


  • Self-Destruct: Explodes. Deals heavy damage in a radial pattern with itself at the center.

Notes and Advice

It will always pursue the player character when not in range.

Players are advised to dispatch this enemy from a distance when possible.