Kemuri I

Kemuri I

Enemy Specs

Model: ■■■■
Production Type: ■■■■
Primary Use: ■■■■

Era of Manufacture: ■■■■

Intelligence Level: ■■■■

Profile 1: The hands can produce particles for prestidigitation.

Profile 2: Designed with feminine beauty in mind, Kemuri is made for theatrical performances. A specialized facial design allows a Kemuri to change into different faces. Completely exposing the facial unit will reveal the internal face-changing system as well as the gleaming muzzle for self-defense.

Story 1: A traditional performer-bot on the Nighter. A major export product in the Golden Age, it is mainly used to replace humans in high difficulty performances.

Enemy Traits
Ranged, Charger

Gameplay Information


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Notes and Advice