Enemy Specs

Model: Type Cη-VII000
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Artistic

Era of Manufacture: Product of early Post-Pandemic Age. One of the last lines of bionic animals made by humans. Often equipped with many different functions. Most are decommissioned.

Intelligence Level: Aside from the general intelligence level, other intelligence metrics are also enstablished. Often seen used around the times of mechanical restoration.

Profile 1: After the virus outbreak, Kuroro has not shown any signs of infection. It seems like it could not care less about attacking humans, which is why it is deemed a safe bionic animal.

Story 1: A strange mechanical series that appeared in the early Post-Pandemic Age. Its creator remains unknown. Kuroros have a relatively high level of intelligence and a variety of forms. They are also fanatical about collecting Cogs.

Enemy Traits

Gameplay Information


  • Self-Duplicate: Clones itself. All clones will assume identical behavior, but will disappear after a short amount of time.

Notes and Advice

This enemy is predominantly encountered in the Cog resource-related stages. In most encounters with this enemy, it will possess an infinite pool of HP.

While this enemy does not possess any damaging attacks of its own, it is often given a stage effect that causes periodic lightning strikes at the location of whatever/whoever deals damage to it.