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Lucrezia's Backstory I

As one of the main sponsors of WGAA, Lucrezia was supposed to have her name listed among other significant WGAA members.

Quite to the contrary, everything related to her, even her name, had become a taboo of WGAA. The publicly disclosed WGAA history had no mention of her name, even the list of sponsors was later modified and referred to her as "an old friend" instead.

Rumor had it that she accumulated her wealth via deals with Kurono. Some tabloid reporters claimed she once sponsored someone that she houldnt...

Lucrezia's Backstory II

Lucrezia's death was as mysterious as her background. There was no witness, no investigation, no agents running forensic ballistics with laser pointers. Only a few people related to her arrived at the scene, and they all agreed that the body was hers.

That's all we know in Babylonia. On this desk right now is the Memory Chip named after her. My advice to you is to not go too far tracing its source.

All you have to know is that I have no intention to find out the secrets behind it, nor do I want it to slip into the hands of those who shouldn't ave access to it. It's a great chip, after all. —

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