Marco's Backstory I

Marco is the only Kowloong Crew member who is not from Kowloong. It's said that she was headhunted by Bai Gui, the leader of Chiwen Crew, from the Transatlantic Economic Community to Kowloong. After joining Kowloong, she was mainly in charge of international merchant channels and air and sea route planning. Marco plays a crucial role in making Kowloong as dominant as the Arctic Route Union in the world of logistics globally. However, according to Marco herself, she left the Transatlantic Economic Community just because she was amazed by the mysterious ancient oriental atmosphere of Kowloong. In fact, Marco also wrote a lot about her travel experience in Kowloong during her spare time, which made her a famous figure in the nonfiction literary world.

Marco's Backstory II

According to records, Marco's last report was a record of her departure from a port to trade around the world on a Kua-Er (A Chinese god of strength) grade dreadnought. Following the digital signal, people eventually found the stranded huge ship and the dying Marco near the Derek Strait.
According to the travel log, many mechanoids on the ship caught the Punishing Virus, which led to a riot during the voyage. The sailors tried their best to fight against the mechanoids under Marco's lead, but the ship eventually encountered abnormal sea currents and was stranded near the Derek Strait and taken over by the countless Corrupted. Marco's last wish was to be made into a Tactical Memory. Maybe she still wished to see the world connected once again with her own eyes and people satisfied by buying quality goods from great merchants.