Enemy Specs

Model: Type Rδ-II032
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Religious

Era of Manufacture: A humanoid robot produced in the middle of the Golden Age. Religious groups began investing in mechanoid production at that time.

Intelligence Level: Low intelligence level, but equipped with multiple functions. Eager for power, it will modify itself with surrounding resources.

Profile 1: It fashioned a religious symbol from its memory fragments and surrounding scraps, but now, the staff seems to be functioning as a tool for slaughter instead.

Profile 2: In order to survive, it has forcefully modified its own body with incompatible parts, rendering itself into a much more terrifying form.

Story 1: Still a zealot and a preacher after being infected by the Punishing Virus. Though, its subject of worship seems to have changed from the corruption.

Story 2: The age of technological explosion weakened the appeal of faith. The church required bionic evangelists that could carry out their orders with unwavering faith. The Missionary model was one of them.

Enemy Traits
Ranged, AoE

Gameplay Information


  • Lightning Strike: Calls a single bolt of electricity at the player character's location. This attack will display a range marker on the ground prior to landing.
  • Lightning Array: Calls electric bolts in a forward-facing line. This attack will display an attack path prior to launching.
  • Lightning Burst: Calls a cluster of electricity around the Missionary. This attack will display a range marker on the ground prior to execution.
  • Lightning Orb: Launches a slow-moving ball of red electricity forward in the last direction the enemy was facing. This attack will not display any form of path or marker prior to launch. The orb will travel until it collides with an obstruction.

Notes and Advice

Its orb attack can be relatively easy to overlook. Players are advised to carefully observe this enemy's movements whenever it is on the field and at a distance from the player character.